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When I heard about the Samurai on the MRT, my first thought was it must be a cosplayer. After all, there were a whole bunch of them on Sunday for the End Of Year Cosplay Festival at the Marina Barrage, probably someone didn’t want to remove their costume.

samurai mrt

“A man decked in Japanese martial arts garb while wielding a sword boarded a train on Monday afternoon after jumping the fare gate at Paya Lebar MRT station.” taken from

Turns out, you can own a katana in Singapore, but only to keep in your own house

“You can import a Samurai sword through a forwarding agent, who should declare it through the Tradenet system. For more details, please log on to You may be required to bring the sword to a police station for inspection before an import licence can be issued. If it is hand carried, you should declare it to the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority at the point of entry. The sword may be impounded for inspection and you can claim it from the Police Station which has jurisdiction over the entry point. Please note that if you are allowed to possess the sword, it must be kept in a dwelling house and not to be carried in any public place without any lawful purpose.” taken from

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The next time you’re making your way around a public vehicle or bus stop seat, be sure to examine the seats carefully before planting your butt on it, it might be a pain in the ass, quite literally.

There have been a couple of reported cases where unknowing commuters get their ass burnt by acid in the trains and bus stop seats. The first of such cases started March 24 last year (2012), a 27-year-old Malaysian woman suffered a burn wound on her buttocks in a similar incident involving a wet seat. On April 17 2013, a teenage boy suffered second-degree burns on his right thigh after sitting on a pool of oily liquid on a bus stop seat in Bukit Batok East Avenue 3. The latest incident happened to a nurse who suffered 3 per cent burns after sitting on an unknown corrosive substance on the train.

I suspect that the authorities aren’t releasing the names of chemicals used in these attacks for fear of copy cats. This Butt Burner reminds me of the massive acid attack in Hong Kong a few years back. It’s massive relative to this Butt Burner, there were 20-50 injured each time the attacker strike. This Butt Burner have some kind of perverse public transport sadistic fetish, I wouldn’t be surprised if the culprit lurks around the carriage and watches his victims get their ass burnt. I decided to dub him the “Butt Burner” cause it matches the lameness level of the act.

You can read the news article from AsiaOne.


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I was somewhat amused when I heard on radio, a snippet of what Punggol residents think of the recent Michael Palmer sex scandal which led to his resignation. This lady commented “Michael Palmer cannot look after his family, I don’t think he can do his job well”.

Amidst the saga, there are a lot of views and opinions being thrown around circling around the identity of Laura Ong and her boyfriend Andy Lim, as well as the private lives of Michael Palmer and Diane Palmer. There are even ridiculous people blaming Laura Ong for destroying Michael Palmer’s career. Let me say it once and for all, she did not destroy his career, Michael Palmer made the choice to end his career the moment he decided to have an extramarital affair.

That being said, is it necessarily true that:

1) Michael Palmer cannot look after his family?

2) Michael Palmer cannot do his job well if he cannot look after his family?

3) People that do their jobs well, have well looked after family?

4) People that can look after their family can run a country?

I think it’s ridiculous that politicians are made to step down of their duties because of their personal lives. I do not feel that having an affair, who he loves and who he have sexual intercourse with, is indicative of his job performance.

Politicians and Ministers that have committed worst work-related mistakes were not sacked or asked to leave. I would rather a cheating, lying bastard that does his job well to be my MP than someone that is incapable at his or her job.

However, that being said, Michael Palmer has to go. The PAP cannot be hypocrites calling for blood when an opposition party minister WP’s Yaw Shin Leong committed adultery, and be any less lenient on their ministers.

Someone accurately pointed out that although in Yaw’s case he left without saying a word, but because of that, no other parties were really put in the limelight. In Michael Palmer’s case, it would seem that poor Laura Ong is taking the fall for PAP and Palmer, receiving the most heat from public gossips.

Taken from The Alternate View

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Little drops of tear dripping
Into the burning fire
Mellow, slow flame englufing
Erasing all that is common sense
Ransacking any remainder of sanity
Evil ashes fluttering above the bonfire
Never resting – fly fly flying…
Crying, screaming for redemption
Eternally burning fire…

Limerence is an involuntary state of mind which results from a romantic attraction to another person combined with an overwhelming, obsessive need to have one’s feelings reciprocated. (Taken from Wikipedia)

In other words, Limerence is when you are so attracted to the person, common sense and logic gets thrown out of the window, and you are willing to sacrifice and give unrationally, even though the other person may not feel the same way about you. In other other words, you’re a sucker. I’m a sucker for you :P

Too painful for me to talk about it so an emo poem on Limerence shall suffice.

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I’ve said in previous posts before that many reporters are not very forthcoming with where they are getting their information from. Some people will just take any information they find online and publish them in their own media, be it traditional or online media, without referencing the original creator. This trend has become more and more popular as it is so easy to share information online nowadays, and platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and other sites are allowing plagiarism to become a norm. It’s so easy to just copy and paste someone else’s words and pictures and passing them off as your own. However, at times when I want to credit the author back, it has been passed on to so many people that I find it difficult to track who is the original creator of the content!

The picture is of an opened SMRT door while the train was moving… Haha… It’s quite funny actually!

This time STOMP got into trouble (mild)! Their content producer got sacked because she declared that she took the picture herself (DOH! Why would she do that?!) and posted it on STOMP! Now STOMP had to apologize to SMRT. That’s really not very smart of her, if she’s such a gullible person to believe any altered pictures online, then she must not have visited troll / fake news sites such as The Onion.

By the way, the first time I read an article on The Onion forwarded to me by my friend on “Intelligent Falling“, I totally bought it! Haha!

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XiaXue’s take on food blogger ladyironchef incident with Private Affairs. Love the new tag line, she does a better job branding the company than the PR person. Isn’t she just awesome when it comes to slamming people.

Also, PR companies and restaurants should take note of the bloggers that are really “righteous” and full of “integrity”. I.E. Kaelyn Ong aka My Food Sirens II, Glenn Lee aka Hungry Epicurean and Harris Chai.¬†Please don’t invite them to any food tasting or events in case they want to slam your company and accuse you of trying to bribe them. If you really want to engage these bloggers, remember to send them the bill for anything they eat at your event! :) For the rest of us, we’re happy to be treated to free meals :)

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I bought two gadgets from this year’s IT Show 2009 held at Suntec – a Sonic Gear speaker and a 4Gb thumbdrive.

I opened my Sonic Gear speakers this morning and was quite excited to test out music, movie, and gaming on the speakers as compared to my Sennheiser headphones.

I was quite shocked to find that my speakers started playing radio! The Sonic Gear Tattoo 333 model does not come with FM radio, so I was scratching my head when the speakers started playing an English radio channel. It wasn’t clear music playing, it was more like a hissing static sound, with a very poor reception of the radio station playing in the background. It sounded like something out of a horror movie.

I immediately went to google my problem and I am not surprised to find others having the same problem

i just bought a new sonic gear tattoo 333 speaker, reach home immediately try out. after i turn on the switch, i heard high pitch noise and buzzing sound and fm radio also. i called my fren to check and he seems to have the same problem except fm noise. anyone knows wad is the problem or has solution?

I knew immediately that the problem was with the speakers, since there were so many others that faced the same problem as me. I feel very dreadful to the realization of having to return to IT Show at Suntec and squeezing with the crowd!!!!!

I returned to IT Show on Saturday, after searching for an available carpark for 30minutes, squeezing through tens of thousands of people, finally reaching the sixth floor. Luckily, my friend accompanied me there and helped me carry the bulky set of speakers up.

When I went to the Sonic Gear booth, I told the guy about my problem with the Tatoo 333 speakers, and he looked at me very puzzled. He said he would have to test the set first. He tested my set with his Ipod, and obviously there wasn’t any hissing sound. I insisted that the problem would still surface if I brought the speakers home!! I told him about Hardwarezone forum, that others had the same problem as me! He was shocked and asked me for more information regarding what the other forumers were saying.

I think he didn’t want me to make a din at the Sonic Gear booth so he issued me a refund immediately, seeing that I wouldn’t be satisfied otherwise. I was contemplating whether to blog about this or not, since the guy was kind enough to give me my $59.90 back, but I was still pissed that he made me come down to IT show again.

Anyway, on Sunday I did some search on Hardwarezone forums again, this time for any good recommendations for 2.1 speakers below $100. After some searches, I decided to get the Creative Inspire T3200 that is retailing at SG$89.90. I saw on one of the forum threads that there’s a new online shop that was selling the T3200 at SG$81.90 from and the delivery is about SG$5! I didn’t hesitate due to the good reviews given for the T3200 model.

I was surprised that made the delivery on the next day! That is very efficient! I could even select the cash-on-delivery payment mode, so I don’t have to worry about giving my credit card details online. I have set up my speakers and they are working very fine. The bass is good and loud, and my mother was complaining they could hear the bass from the living room -_- Although i still prefer my Sennheiser when it comes to listening to music, having a 2.1 speakers for watching movies and animes is definitely better!

Oh yah, I nearly forgot the point of this post – DO IT SHOWS SELL FAULTY GOODS?! :(


Edit 27/10/2010: Gutterpost can now be accessed through or

EDIT 20/02/2009: The Gutterpost was fully backed up and have now re-located to

I was alerted by fellow blogger that GUTTERPOST SITE IS DOWN! potentially gone for ever?!

This blog is under review due to possible Blogger Terms of Service violations and is open to authors only

Not that I am a regular visitor to that site *twiddles thumb*

Usually, I am directed to the site when there are juicy scandals, sex scandals mostly. But Gutterpost has the most comprehensive collection of sex scandal pictures, including reports, insider’s information, and other interesting information not of use to me. It’s like the best and most popular internet tabloid site ever! Listed on Alexa as Singapore’s TOP blog, as well as Blogger’s TOP blogging site, it would be a mistake if Blogger were to terminate Gutterpost’s account!

Daphne Ang, featured on Gutterpost a while back, nude acrobatic pictures O_O Shocking. [ Read the rest of this entry » ]

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I’m shocked by Jamie Yeo’s honesty in her blog. Disclosing her personal details such as losing her virginity at 18 and masturbating at 6 years old in her blog, it is simply shocking. It’s shocking because she blogged it knowing the potential backlash this might cause. I hope this doesn’t come across wrongly, but perhaps she might even enjoy sharing her bedroom secrets to the public ;)

I had my first orgasm when I was 6. Wait!!! Before you fly off the handle and faint or something. Let me explain. When i was a little girl, I found that if I cross my legs tightly and squeeze for a long enough time, I’d feel this strange but awesome and warm sensation down there. The sensation would only last for about 6-10 seconds but it felt so good I couldn’t help but repeat the “cross legs and squeeze” action again and again throughout my childhood. Years later, when I finally learned (and experienced) what an orgasm meant through sex education and a bit of self exploration, I finally realised that I was more familiar with masturbation than most kids my age.

Some people made comments frowning at her blog post, saying that she’s seeking for attention, she’s a bad celebrity role model, she’s not a good Christian because she had pre-marital sex. One even called her promiscuous – although I’m not sure how losing your virginity pre-martially makes you a promiscuous person, and masturbation surely doesn’t make you a promiscuous person.

During puberty girls sometimes start to recognize sexual feelings because of the increase in hormones in their bodies. Often, girls discover that touching or rubbing their genital area feels good. This is called masturbation. Many girls masturbate during adolescence. It is a normal activity, even though it is not commonly talked about.

Taken from UMHS Pediatric Advisor

Since puberty starts anywhere between 7 to 14years old for girls, it’s not surprising that Jamie Yeo started masturbating at 6, early bloomer some call it. The average age that Singaporeans lose their virginity is at 18.4years old according to the famous Durex’s Global Sex Survey (2005). So Jamie Yeo isn’t really an early bloomer I guess?

The part about her not being a good Christian because she had pre-marital sex is just weird. She can’t change what she has done in the past. We just need the Anglicans to be even more tolerant than they already are with homosexuality, and extend their love to pre-marital people lol… The average age of first marriage of Singaporean women is 27.2 years old, and since the average age of Singaporean women losing their virginity is at 18, I believe a large number of the population practices premarital sex.

Last but not least, I wish to point out that Jamie Yeo is a VERY average person so don’t talk about her like she’s some kind of freak. How average is she? She lost her virginity at 18, the national average, and got married at 27, also at the national average age. Sexually, she is an average person, just like you and me :)

Of course she’s a celebrity and she deserves people scolding her, sorry la, that’s their line of business. Like what Tina Fey said at the recent Oscar’s “if you ever start to feel too good about yourself, they have this thing called the Internet! You can find a lot of people there who don’t like you!”

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I’ve been very reluctant to blog about this issue, but after reading the blog reactions from many concerned bloggers, I feel it would be hypocritical of me to have any opinion and not blog about it for fear of political reasons.

Politics within the local blogosphere haven’t been very fun, funny, or entertaining. Most of the time, it’s just childish kindergarten format squabbles. With the Association of Bloggers Singapore (ABS) trying to “unite” local bloggers, I can’t help but to feel that it’s another attempt to draw lines between bloggers. Everyone has to take a side, their side or no side. I don’t believe that any groups can unite all local bloggers – perhaps only those that are already active in the blogging scene. But face it, there are only perhaps a couple of hundred bloggers in Singapore that takes blogging seriously. Majority of blogs you come across are anonymous or super casual (updated like twice a year?), most blogs are just outlets to vent your frustrations.

My guess is most people that are willing to pay to join the ABS, would be individuals that are already somewhat involved in the local blogging community. I don’t think it’s a good or bad idea, but I’m just skeptical of how much can ABS really aid local bloggers. How can ABS help if there’s a flame war going on? They cannot and should not take sides, being a professional body. How can ABS help when there are chaos and politics in¬† the local blogosphere? How are they going to educate bloggers to blog responsibly?

Although there are many questions that would be left unanswered for the time being, I believe that action speak louder than words. Perhaps we should have an open mind about this new association, and give them a chance to prove themselves. No point in slamming them, or slamming any individual, when they have only just begun.

Here are some more reads to blogger’s views on this association. Some are rather supportive, some not so.

ABS President Eastcoastlife

Anonymous blogger’s protest

The Lycan Times’ opinion

Daphnemaia’s call for boycott of ABS

Hollyjean pointing out why there’s no need to join ABS

Brian (PR guy) ‘s take on ABS

Perhaps ABS needs to answer some of these difficult questions for bloggers to be able to accept them. But after reading Hollyjean’s updated blog post on an “invite only” association, I’m not sure this will take off very well.