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I was surprised and shocked to read about this new trend called SWATting.
Read article here:

I’m a gamer myself, and to see that there are people out there who can’t accept losing online and call in the police to help sabotage your opponents is just ridiculous and silly. I know when I was a hardcore gamer, whenever people told me “it’s just a game”, I would feel very insulted. It’s not just a game. It’s a hobby I spent most of my waking hours on, honing my skills, getting better at it, and achieving certain milestones in the game. It’s liken to telling a professional athlete – it’s just a sport, don’t take it so seriously.

That being said, taking gaming seriously doesn’t mean I empathize with the teenagers who prank calls the police to target their competition. If gaming is important to you, then get better at it. Not threaten your friends with police hoax calls. Although I do think 25 years in prison is a little harsh :\

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Most of you would have heard by now, NLB, Singapore’s very own National Library has removed and will be burning 2 books based off 1 complaint letter from a member of the public.

Read background story here: National Library Board apparently banned two children’s books as they are deemed not pro-family

This is my library story

My mother used to drop my sister and I off at the old National Library located at the foot of Fort Canning hill once a week, on weekends. We were in primary school. English was not my first language, and I was struggling to learn the language in school. I didn’t like to read then, I hated it, like how you hate something you’re bad at. Slowly, I began to really enjoy our library trips. I would select a couple of children books, and a few non-fiction books. I even succumbed to peer pressure and started reading fiction books like Nancy Drew, Sweet Valley High and the likes. But what I really enjoyed were the non-fiction books. I loved reading about Egyptian Mummies, ferns, mathematics, history, countries.

Fast forward 10 years >>>>

Pre-university days. I love going to the library. I found books there that I wouldn’t have come across otherwise, nor would I buy them from book stores (costing over $50-$100+ each academia books). By the time, I started my love for reading. I realized, although my command of the language isn’t very good, I love gaining knowledge. I borrowed Psychology and Philosophy books and even started to reading about obscure history, quantum physics and different cultural texts. That’s how I got acquainted with these subjects, and subsequently I took up Philosophy as a minor and Psychology as my major in University.

I was always a non-fiction kind of girl. If you asked most people what are some of their favorite books, they would list mostly fiction stories ranging from Harry Potter, LOTR, Hunger Games etc. At the time, no one I know had any non-fiction titles to recommend me, the library provided me a wide variety of non-fiction books that I could borrow, and I am forever thankful for that.

—- end of my fond memories of the library —-

Face it, children don’t only go to the “Children Books” section (or is it only me?). Even then, there are a whole range of books available in the library, including many violent and “immoral” children books in the children section. If the library are allowed to remove books based on a single complaint, without any proper SOP (standard operating procedure), wouldn’t we be restricted what kind of books we are allowed to read? Aside from Roald Dahl books, I hated most children books when I was a child. If I wasn’t given the variety of choice then, perhaps I might never have enjoyed reading. Btw, I never read any books with homosexual themes as a child and I grew up forming my own opinion on the subject matter.

To the detractors: there are many ways the library could have handled this situation

1) Submit to MDA for rating / banning / whatever it is that they do – the censorship body of Singapore.
2) Put the books in the ADULT section, since the library claims they have books of homosexual agenda in the Adult section, why not just leave And Tango makes Three there?
3) Put Parental Advisory stickers on the books (which might only entice curious children to pick them up)
4) Leave the books where they are and acknowledge that there are many children books with themes that we as adults might not condone but they are CHILDREN FICTION BOOKS

As I posted on my Facebook:

Fairy tales – where there can be genies, thieves can marry princess and live happily ever after, green ugly ogre can get princess to love him, big bad wolf eating grannies are ok too… But gay penguins? Woah let’s draw the line at gay penguins.

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The Pink Dot event is coming again this year on the 28th June, 2014 5pm to 8pm at Hong Lim Park. I am most likely attending the event (unless something else crops up) and it’s going to be my first time attending the event! You don’t have to be homosexual or LGBT to join in the event in supporting freedom to love – freedom to love should be the basic right of any civilized society. This really isn’t about your religion or your sexual orientation, but the believe that we can and are allowed to love someone even if they are of the same sex.

From Pink Dot to “pink whale”

Last year’s Pink Dot drew 21,000 attendees, and organisers expect even more this year. The first Pink Dot in 2009 saw 2,500 pink-clad supporters forming the eponymous dot at Hong Lim Park. Over the years, that dot has expanded to cover the entire park, which takes up nearly a hectare in Singapore’s city centre. Organisers now jokingly call it a “pink whale”. Pink Dot has moved carefully, eschewing traditional protest activism for a soft-pedal approach. It touts a fuzzy slogan “Supporting the freedom to love” and its main event is a family picnic. This may have made it easier for the authorities to let Pink Dot carry on, although they have set limits on how far it can grow. For the second time in a row, the authorities have turned down their application to shift the event to a larger space at Marina Bay, calling the proposed venue not “suitable”. Organisers were “disappointed”, but understood that officials had “a duty to balance and manage the sensitivities of different segments of society”, Pink Dot spokesman Paerin Choa said.

Taken from

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The Singapore Do Not Call Registry will be up and running today 2nd December 2013… Log in and register NOW! The most annoying part of unwanted advertising SMS or calls is when I’m overseas, and I feel so helpless as I get charged for spams coming into my phone! It’s really about time!!!

What is DNS Registry?
The Do Not Call (DNC) Registry lets you opt out of marketing messages addressed to your Singapore telephone number, such as those which promote or advertise a good or service, allowing you to have more control over the kind of messages you receive on your telephone, mobile phone, or fax machine. – See more at:

Registration with the DNC Registry is free and simple. There are three methods to register:

  1. Online @ DNC Registry website
    Log on to to register or deregister on any Register.
    Note: Access to the device which you are registering the number of is required to complete the registration.
  2. SMS
    Send an SMS with the message “DNC” to the following:

     78772  Register on all 3 Registers
     78773  Register on No Voice Call Register
     78774  Register on No Text Message Register
     78771  Menu for other options (including to deregister)

    Note: You can only register the number that you SMS from and SMS charges will apply.

  3. Phone
     1800 248 0772  Register on all 3 Registers
     1800 248 0773  Register on No Voice Call Register
     1800 248 0774  Register on No Text Message Register
     1800 248 0771  Menu for other options (including to deregister)

    Note: You can only register the number that you call from. This number must not be subscribed to caller-ID blocking service.

Tip: If yours is not a fax number, please also add your number to the No Fax Message Register.

You should expect to stop receiving unsolicited telemarketing messages through your registered telephone number 30 days after registration (if you register on or after 2 July 2014) and up to 60 days after registration (if you register before 2 July 2014).

Your registration does not expire unless you terminate your telephone number or if you deregister your telephone number from the DNC Register(s). You may deregister at any time.

- Taken from

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“Kansas City sports writer Martin Manley ended his life with a self-inflicted gunshot wound early Thursday morning, but thanks to a website that went live the same day, his motivations for doing so are sure to live on for years to come.”
Read more

The page was taken down but you can access it via this mirror website instead

“Today is August 15, 2013. Today is my 60th birthday. Today is the last day of my life. Today, I committed suicide. Today, is the first day this site is active, but it will be here for years to come.”

I’ve not read the whole site yet, but it’s definitely going to be an interesting read. I’ve thought about my own death and I suspect I’m either gonna go by some freak accident or natural causes. I’m not sure which I prefer actually. But I don’t want to be living as an old person. No offence to old people. I can understand why Martin Manley did it, though I must say gunshot to the head sounds really messy.

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I find Dexter Koh very strange, at some point he was an escort, and a sugar daddy! So when he’s broke he sells, when he’s rich he purchases? Seriously very strange… Perhaps sex is just a form of trading to him. Interesting read nonetheless lol… “Buy low, sell high” ;)

“He claims he was once London’s highest paid male escort.

He also claims to play sugar daddy to young women, including students, plying them with lavish gifts and money in exchange for sex.

Dexter Koh, the son of veteran Singaporean pianist Danny Koh, even claims to be the real-life Christian Grey from the hugely popular erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey.

The Briton, who claims to have a net worth of up to US$5 million (S$6.3 million), is now hogging headlines in the UK as one of the most disliked contestants on the latest edition of the hit TV reality show Big Brother.”

dexter koh

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Angelina Jolie just undergone a surgery to remove both her breasts. Wow. That was shocking. Initially I thought “what was she thinking?!??!”, then as I read the news articiles, I really admire her courage and beauty.

“The 37-year-old American actress wrote in an opinion piece entitled “My Medical Choice” in The New York Times that she had chosen the procedure because she carries a faulty gene that increases her risk of both breast and ovarian cancer. Jolie, one of Hollywood’s best-known faces and the partner of actor Brad Pitt, said that because of this gene, known as BRCA1, her doctors estimated she had an 87 percent risk of breast cancer and 50 percent risk of ovarian cancer.

Jolie said her chances of developing breast cancer are now down to five percent. Jolie and Pitt have three adopted and three biological children. “I can tell my children they don’t need to fear they will lose me to breast cancer,” Jolie said.”
taken from

I really admire her courage to undergo an operation that could potentially be live changing. The boobs, to many, are the most visible human anatomy that one can discern between a man and a woman. I think many women would be really scared and go through some femininty identity crisis with their breasts removed. Not to mention breast cancer patients and how devastating it must be for them. Angelina Jolie is known for her unique facial features and a really hot body, for such a high profile celebrity to make such a decision – where how much you earn is how good you look (socially acceptably beautiful) – I think it takes a lot more courage.

It is a pity that there aren’t a better cure for her genetic disorder, and of course breast cancer.

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The next time you’re making your way around a public vehicle or bus stop seat, be sure to examine the seats carefully before planting your butt on it, it might be a pain in the ass, quite literally.

There have been a couple of reported cases where unknowing commuters get their ass burnt by acid in the trains and bus stop seats. The first of such cases started March 24 last year (2012), a 27-year-old Malaysian woman suffered a burn wound on her buttocks in a similar incident involving a wet seat. On April 17 2013, a teenage boy suffered second-degree burns on his right thigh after sitting on a pool of oily liquid on a bus stop seat in Bukit Batok East Avenue 3. The latest incident happened to a nurse who suffered 3 per cent burns after sitting on an unknown corrosive substance on the train.

I suspect that the authorities aren’t releasing the names of chemicals used in these attacks for fear of copy cats. This Butt Burner reminds me of the massive acid attack in Hong Kong a few years back. It’s massive relative to this Butt Burner, there were 20-50 injured each time the attacker strike. This Butt Burner have some kind of perverse public transport sadistic fetish, I wouldn’t be surprised if the culprit lurks around the carriage and watches his victims get their ass burnt. I decided to dub him the “Butt Burner” cause it matches the lameness level of the act.

You can read the news article from AsiaOne.


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This is a really strange article by PETA.

StarCraft players gearing up for the launch of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm will be getting a new perspective on the game’s arthropodal extraterrestrials, the Zerg.

PETA—or, as we are renaming ourselves in honor of the expansion pack’s launch, “Terrans for the Ethical Treatment of Zerglings”—will attend tonight’s launch event in Irvine, California, and distribute copies of our new “Zerglings Have Feelings, Too” leaflets as a reminder that gamers and nongamers alike should have compassion for all beings—even those who are very different from us.

I generally like animals and living creatures…. But ZERGS? SERIOUSLY DUDE? I find them disgusting, irritating and just plain gross. I usually play Protoss in Starcraft 2 and Zergs are the worst enemies to play against, these creepy crawlies keeps multiplying themselves and they look damn gross :( In my opinion, Zergs are one of the most powerful class to play in Starcraft 2, however, I just cannot stand looking at these ugly roaches. If you are going to consider Zerg’s feelings during the game, you’re going to be making a big big mistake. They will invade your base in no time, killing 1 of them spawns another 10, they won’t go away! It’s like a bad case of bed bugs invasion. Yucks.

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Life behind the glass windows
tic-tic-tic tap-tap-tap
Churning out words and numbers
That don’t really mean crap

Caught in the wheel of fortune
Where men are obsessed
and lives are dancing around their chairs

Buildings cascading from the sky
Pitter-patter pitter-patter
The stress turns into cries
but naught clouds in sight

We’re drones stuck to our desks
…— — —…
Only allowed to speak what’s real
Where reality is just a pack of lies.

singapore skyline CBD black and white