Published by Priss on Apr 05, 2014
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Be in a relationship.

No kidding, I lost 7 to 9kgs 2 years ago for my sponsorship with Aimin Accupunture (you can read my older posts), but since then, I have gained back almost 5kgs!!!! This is all my boyfriend’s fault, well, not really. I guess that is the effect of being in a happy and blissful relationship!

It is so difficult to lose weight, especially at the start of the relationship, since you are spending your meals with your loved one. I think Carbonara sprinkled with XOXO tastes especially good! I guess soon I will have to start some sort of exercise regime to trim down, although we have both agreed to go on a healthy diet (pizza nights are not helping at all!)


I love you

P.S. this post does not include a picture of myself LOL. I’ll do so when I feel less bloated ;P

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  1. I concur, being in a relationship seems to always make a woman gain weight. Don’t worry though, just ride in the nice lovey dovey feeling at the moment :-)

    Comment by rinaz — April 19, 2014 @ 3:53 pm


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