Published by Priss on Mar 26, 2013
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I watched two really awesome Sci-fi movies over the past week. Warm Bodies is a zombie apocalyptic teenage romance comedy, while The Host is a not so typical alien invasion film. The awesome thing about these two films is they don’t follow traditional plots of their respective zombie and alien genre.

When I read the synopsis of Warm Bodies, I thought it sounded very incredulous. Zombies falling in love? Zombies coming back to life, because of love? Doesn’t seem to make much sense eh? Without looking too much into how or why zombies got infected in that show, the movie was very well filmed! I’d say perhaps most movie goers got a surprise that a movie with a seemingly silly plot can be so entertaining, it was rated a 7.4 on This movie is like modern Romeo and Juliet meet Romero zombies! The references to R&J were really obvious throughout the movie and I think the director meant it that way. Kudos to Warm Bodies for making zombies more likable (that’s not going to be helpful though when a real zombie apocalypse happens, don’t be fooled!).

I went to watch The Host (courtesy of Golden Village) last night and it was surprisingly good! It touches on some teenage romance, exploring self-identity and soul, and what it is to be human. I think it’s really interesting that the aliens in this movie aren’t those scary violent ones you usually get in the cinemas. I’m not sure why this movie only got a 6.2 rating on IMDB but I would definitely rate it at least a 7 out of 10. Perhaps humans, I meant movie-goers, aren’t used the idea of friend aliens. I thought the plot was well played out, the narratives were slightly on the childish side but reflects accurately the conflicted mind of a young woman. The movie is based on the novel of the same title by Stephanie Meyer, and honestly IT’S BETTER THAN TWILIGHT!!! (seems like a lot of people are comparing it to Twilight). If you want to get more friendly-alien action, do watch Doctor Who (BBC tv series), it’s TEH AWESOME.

I saw the trailer for The Great Gatsby, starring Leonardo Di Caprio, and it looked amazing. The movie set and the styles of the era were beautiful. I must start and finish the damn book before the movie releases in May 2013!

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