Published by Priss on Mar 13, 2013
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This is a really strange article by PETA.

StarCraft players gearing up for the launch of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm will be getting a new perspective on the game’s arthropodal extraterrestrials, the Zerg.

PETA—or, as we are renaming ourselves in honor of the expansion pack’s launch, “Terrans for the Ethical Treatment of Zerglings”—will attend tonight’s launch event in Irvine, California, and distribute copies of our new “Zerglings Have Feelings, Too” leaflets as a reminder that gamers and nongamers alike should have compassion for all beings—even those who are very different from us.

I generally like animals and living creatures…. But ZERGS? SERIOUSLY DUDE? I find them disgusting, irritating and just plain gross. I usually play Protoss in Starcraft 2 and Zergs are the worst enemies to play against, these creepy crawlies keeps multiplying themselves and they look damn gross :( In my opinion, Zergs are one of the most powerful class to play in Starcraft 2, however, I just cannot stand looking at these ugly roaches. If you are going to consider Zerg’s feelings during the game, you’re going to be making a big big mistake. They will invade your base in no time, killing 1 of them spawns another 10, they won’t go away! It’s like a bad case of bed bugs invasion. Yucks.

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