Published by Priss on Dec 14, 2012
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I was somewhat amused when I heard on radio, a snippet of what Punggol residents think of the recent Michael Palmer sex scandal which led to his resignation. This lady commented “Michael Palmer cannot look after his family, I don’t think he can do his job well”.

Amidst the saga, there are a lot of views and opinions being thrown around circling around the identity of Laura Ong and her boyfriend Andy Lim, as well as the private lives of Michael Palmer and Diane Palmer. There are even ridiculous people blaming Laura Ong for destroying Michael Palmer’s career. Let me say it once and for all, she did not destroy his career, Michael Palmer made the choice to end his career the moment he decided to have an extramarital affair.

That being said, is it necessarily true that:

1) Michael Palmer cannot look after his family?

2) Michael Palmer cannot do his job well if he cannot look after his family?

3) People that do their jobs well, have well looked after family?

4) People that can look after their family can run a country?

I think it’s ridiculous that politicians are made to step down of their duties because of their personal lives. I do not feel that having an affair, who he loves and who he have sexual intercourse with, is indicative of his job performance.

Politicians and Ministers that have committed worst work-related mistakes were not sacked or asked to leave. I would rather a cheating, lying bastard that does his job well to be my MP than someone that is incapable at his or her job.

However, that being said, Michael Palmer has to go. The PAP cannot be hypocrites calling for blood when an opposition party minister WP’s Yaw Shin Leong committed adultery, and be any less lenient on their ministers.

Someone accurately pointed out that although in Yaw’s case he left without saying a word, but because of that, no other parties were really put in the limelight. In Michael Palmer’s case, it would seem that poor Laura Ong is taking the fall for PAP and Palmer, receiving the most heat from public gossips.

Taken from The Alternate View

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  2. Sir, you state the point and you miss the point. People that are capable are the ones that everyone want to do the job BUT people that are capable with wrong values are also very capable of doing the job with very wrong outcome. As de bono said, intelligence is like a very powerful car engine, with the right values the car can be driven well for its intended tasks; with the wrong values it can destroy and kill equally well.

    Comment by Aiyoh — December 17, 2012 @ 6:06 pm

  3. I agree, however the set of values for work should not be the same as family. For example, if you performed poorly at work, does that make you a lousy father and vice versa?

    Comment by Priss — January 3, 2013 @ 10:13 am


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