Published by Priss on Jun 27, 2012
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I’ve said in previous posts before that many reporters are not very forthcoming with where they are getting their information from. Some people will just take any information they find online and publish them in their own media, be it traditional or online media, without referencing the original creator. This trend has become more and more popular as it is so easy to share information online nowadays, and platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and other sites are allowing plagiarism to become a norm. It’s so easy to just copy and paste someone else’s words and pictures and passing them off as your own. However, at times when I want to credit the author back, it has been passed on to so many people that I find it difficult to track who is the original creator of the content!

The picture is of an opened SMRT door while the train was moving… Haha… It’s quite funny actually!

This time STOMP got into trouble (mild)! Their content producer got sacked because she declared that she took the picture herself (DOH! Why would she do that?!) and posted it on STOMP! Now STOMP had to apologize to SMRT. That’s really not very smart of her, if she’s such a gullible person to believe any altered pictures online, then she must not have visited troll / fake news sites such as The Onion.

By the way, the first time I read an article on The Onion forwarded to me by my friend on “Intelligent Falling“, I totally bought it! Haha!

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