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2011 is the year I become a real Singaporean. This will be the first time that my family and I will get to vote. This is the first time we can proudly say that we have a voice as Singaporeans.

For many years, we weren’t given a chance to vote because it was always a walk over in our area! That means, PAP wins without any contest! Finally, this is the first time I am going to vote!

I was quite reluctant to blog about the upcoming Singapore General Elections 2011 for many reasons. I am not someone that actively keep tracks of Singapore’s political movements, and at one point in time, I was much more engaged with USA’s political happenings than locally. Another reason is because… I have not decided whether I will vote for PAP or the opposition for the upcoming elections.

I was inspired to write a blogpost on this topic by this blog article that I came across: My vote counts: 10 reasons why I cannot vote for the PAP in the next election from

Many of the information written in this blog article are rarely publicized, if at all, in local mainstream media.

It is not surprising that many friends and acquaintances I’ve spoken to about this year’s elections, are mostly voting for which ever party that is NOT PAP. I have also some friends that feel that voting blindly for any party that is not PAP is recklessly voting for something we might not want for Singapore. Although I do feel that most Singaporeans with that mentality might be speaking out of fear instilled in us by the government, there are some truths to it as well.

As I was writing this post, I went to double confirm which GRC I am under… the strangest thing for the past 2 weeks I was thinking I’m under the Holland-Bt Timah GRC and after checking with Registers of Electors Online, I found out that I am actually under West Coast GRC! That is really great news!! I was quite skeptical voting for SDP instead of PAP under the Holland-Bt Timah GRC… But Singapore Reform Party is actually looking quite good with JBJ (Jeyaretnam)’s son Kenneth Jeyaretnam leading the party! Even if you live in “ABC Road” it does not mean that you are under ABC GRC ok! Please go and check the website to double confirm your eligibility to vote!

Voting at Singapore’s presidential elections or parliamentary elections is compulsory for all eligible citizens. It is part of the responsibilities of being an adult Singapore citizen.

Remember that Singapore General Elections 2011 will be held on 7 May 2011 !!!

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  2. Pris,

    Voting in an election is a great responsibility and privledge.

    This is your oppotunity to influence Singapores direction.


    Comment by David — April 26, 2011 @ 7:36 pm


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