Published by Priss on Sep 24, 2008
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If you suspect that your thumb drive have caught a bug or virus or trojan…. please don’t just ignore it. Recently, my sister kenna some virus on her thumb drive. I did some search on the internet and found that these viruses that infects USB devices are very contagious as if you insert your thumbdrive in your school system, company system, or any public computers that are infected, you’re doomed to spread that virus to other computers.

This tutorial to remove the malicious ravmone.exe virus that infected Republic Polytechnic USB users a couple of years ago will teach you how to protect and remove the viruses from your USB :)

One thing I learnt from my IT diploma course on network security is that autorun is always bad. Back then, it’s more common to infect auto run CD roms, but now, our USB devices are facing the same damn problem.

Remember to reformat your thumbdrive as well by following the instructions that can be found here 

1.  Attempt to remove virus from your USB device. Set Windows settings NOT to auto-run. [here]

2. Reformat your USB device [here]

3. Run anti-virus scan on your computer/laptop. A free and good anti-virus I recommend would be Avast anti-virus. [here]

Any other IT gurus can feel free to recommend any more measures we should take to prevent thumb drive trojans from spreading :)

Edit: Here’s the guide to remove Auto play/ auto run functions on Windows Vista [link]

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