Published by Priss on Nov 23, 2007
Category: Deep Thoughts

I was talking to Ja-ne on the phone earlier and we were talking about random stuff… One topic that came up was two girls from our graduating class of 2000 of Methodist Girls School have passed away. This sparked the conversation of how fragile life is and where do we really go after we die.

Some possibilities (mostly based on major religious views):
1. We go to Heaven and… just be happy… somehow. (Ja-ne feels this is the worst option.)
2. We go to Hell and suffer for all eternity (I debated that Hell may be just a room with four walls and you’re trapped in that room forever)
3. We get recycled. Hah. I meant we go through the reincarnation process… in which we might end up a pig, a bird, or maybe a human.
4. Nothing. We disappear, we don’t exist, there’s nothing.

I think some part of the human psyche do not want to admit that there will be a day we truly cease to exist, hence most religions offer you a place to go dependent on your actions in your living life. Also, this serves as a protection as more humans would strife to do good for more people and help others. This in turn secures a spot for them in the “good place” aka Heaven after their deaths. That’s why I always say that humans are selfish, and they SHOULD BE selfish. If more people thought about retribution and heaven and hell, then less people will do harm unto others. Right?

I want my funeral to be one that is celebrated. My funeral should celebrate my life, my growing up, my pain I’ve endured, my loves. It should also celebrate that I have finally found the answer to: Where do we go after we die? or I might even solve the even bigger question of: Who are you God? (if there was even a God).

My funeral should have pretty pink flowers and roses and balloons and people smiling and crying. There should be a banner that prints “She finally found out!”, though it may be a little offence to some people. *sigh* After all, funerals are not for the dead, but for the living. Funeral is a place that allows the living to grief for their lost. I wish mine will be a celebration of “found”. Celebration of their found, out of the millions of people and yet we met by destiny, destiny that they are blood related to me, destiny that I have once gained their love. And of course, of me finding out the truth. Truth, is always so intriguing. Who knows, I might not even find the truth in my afterlife about my afterlife. The world is such an intriguing place. Therefore, we shall celebrate. =)

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