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I was surprised and shocked to read about this new trend called SWATting.
Read article here:

I’m a gamer myself, and to see that there are people out there who can’t accept losing online and call in the police to help sabotage your opponents is just ridiculous and silly. I know when I was a hardcore gamer, whenever people told me “it’s just a game”, I would feel very insulted. It’s not just a game. It’s a hobby I spent most of my waking hours on, honing my skills, getting better at it, and achieving certain milestones in the game. It’s liken to telling a professional athlete – it’s just a sport, don’t take it so seriously.

That being said, taking gaming seriously doesn’t mean I empathize with the teenagers who prank calls the police to target their competition. If gaming is important to you, then get better at it. Not threaten your friends with police hoax calls. Although I do think 25 years in prison is a little harsh :\

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Most of you would have heard by now, NLB, Singapore’s very own National Library has removed and will be burning 2 books based off 1 complaint letter from a member of the public.

Read background story here: National Library Board apparently banned two children’s books as they are deemed not pro-family

This is my library story

My mother used to drop my sister and I off at the old National Library located at the foot of Fort Canning hill once a week, on weekends. We were in primary school. English was not my first language, and I was struggling to learn the language in school. I didn’t like to read then, I hated it, like how you hate something you’re bad at. Slowly, I began to really enjoy our library trips. I would select a couple of children books, and a few non-fiction books. I even succumbed to peer pressure and started reading fiction books like Nancy Drew, Sweet Valley High and the likes. But what I really enjoyed were the non-fiction books. I loved reading about Egyptian Mummies, ferns, mathematics, history, countries.

Fast forward 10 years >>>>

Pre-university days. I love going to the library. I found books there that I wouldn’t have come across otherwise, nor would I buy them from book stores (costing over $50-$100+ each academia books). By the time, I started my love for reading. I realized, although my command of the language isn’t very good, I love gaining knowledge. I borrowed Psychology and Philosophy books and even started to reading about obscure history, quantum physics and different cultural texts. That’s how I got acquainted with these subjects, and subsequently I took up Philosophy as a minor and Psychology as my major in University.

I was always a non-fiction kind of girl. If you asked most people what are some of their favorite books, they would list mostly fiction stories ranging from Harry Potter, LOTR, Hunger Games etc. At the time, no one I know had any non-fiction titles to recommend me, the library provided me a wide variety of non-fiction books that I could borrow, and I am forever thankful for that.

—- end of my fond memories of the library —-

Face it, children don’t only go to the “Children Books” section (or is it only me?). Even then, there are a whole range of books available in the library, including many violent and “immoral” children books in the children section. If the library are allowed to remove books based on a single complaint, without any proper SOP (standard operating procedure), wouldn’t we be restricted what kind of books we are allowed to read? Aside from Roald Dahl books, I hated most children books when I was a child. If I wasn’t given the variety of choice then, perhaps I might never have enjoyed reading. Btw, I never read any books with homosexual themes as a child and I grew up forming my own opinion on the subject matter.

To the detractors: there are many ways the library could have handled this situation

1) Submit to MDA for rating / banning / whatever it is that they do – the censorship body of Singapore.
2) Put the books in the ADULT section, since the library claims they have books of homosexual agenda in the Adult section, why not just leave And Tango makes Three there?
3) Put Parental Advisory stickers on the books (which might only entice curious children to pick them up)
4) Leave the books where they are and acknowledge that there are many children books with themes that we as adults might not condone but they are CHILDREN FICTION BOOKS

As I posted on my Facebook:

Fairy tales – where there can be genies, thieves can marry princess and live happily ever after, green ugly ogre can get princess to love him, big bad wolf eating grannies are ok too… But gay penguins? Woah let’s draw the line at gay penguins.

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The Pink Dot event is coming again this year on the 28th June, 2014 5pm to 8pm at Hong Lim Park. I am most likely attending the event (unless something else crops up) and it’s going to be my first time attending the event! You don’t have to be homosexual or LGBT to join in the event in supporting freedom to love – freedom to love should be the basic right of any civilized society. This really isn’t about your religion or your sexual orientation, but the believe that we can and are allowed to love someone even if they are of the same sex.

From Pink Dot to “pink whale”

Last year’s Pink Dot drew 21,000 attendees, and organisers expect even more this year. The first Pink Dot in 2009 saw 2,500 pink-clad supporters forming the eponymous dot at Hong Lim Park. Over the years, that dot has expanded to cover the entire park, which takes up nearly a hectare in Singapore’s city centre. Organisers now jokingly call it a “pink whale”. Pink Dot has moved carefully, eschewing traditional protest activism for a soft-pedal approach. It touts a fuzzy slogan “Supporting the freedom to love” and its main event is a family picnic. This may have made it easier for the authorities to let Pink Dot carry on, although they have set limits on how far it can grow. For the second time in a row, the authorities have turned down their application to shift the event to a larger space at Marina Bay, calling the proposed venue not “suitable”. Organisers were “disappointed”, but understood that officials had “a duty to balance and manage the sensitivities of different segments of society”, Pink Dot spokesman Paerin Choa said.

Taken from

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I’m so mind blown by THIS SITE. It’s such an ingenious idea! People are allowed to pledge however much they want to their Humble Weekly Bundle sale, where by giving ANY amount, you get 3 titles. By donating more than a certain amount, you get more popular titles, and above US$30 donation, you get about 6 to 7 game titles – FOUR COPIES OF EACH!!!

How awesome is that?!

The best part – you can allocate how much of your money goes to the developer, the charity and the website

The current charities they support are Child’s Play Charity and American Red Cross

humble bundle

I was searching for Sanctum 2 and Orcs Must Die 2 and I stumbled upon this website… superrrr good deal!!!! In the end I decided to donate US$40 (the games are worth SO much more) so I’ve got 4 copies of each game now HAHA…

The titles for this week:
Sanctum 2
Wanderlust: Rebirth
Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken
Orcs Must Die! 2 Complete Pack
Aces Wild: Manic Brawling Action!
Risk of Rain

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The last time I had long hair must have been more than 5 years ago… I’ve not kept my hair beyond my shoulders ever since I started working because it’s just too cumbersome and the weather’s too hot to keep my hair long! Excuses, excuses, if you are vain enough, there’s time to maintain a nice long hair style. :P However, in my defence, I find shorter hairstyles suit my face a lot better than long hair because the hair at the sides would frame my face nicely :)

Salon de Choix

I haven’t been to my hair salon for more than 3 months and when I saw my photo album in my phone, I realized almost ALL pictures of myself has my hair tied up in a very outlandish or “aunty” fashion. I really don’t look good with my hair tied up as it makes my face looks a lot rounder. This was when I knew that my trip to Salon de Choix is due!

For my readers, you are entitled to a special promotion of 15% discount if you quote “PRISS”!


Hui Fen looked at me and asked “Do you want to keep your hair long this time?” I pondered and pondered… and squinted my eyes a little. I’ve always wanted to try the Japanese soft perm and fancy highlights to match the gentle waves, however, I am realistic enough to know that no matter how nice Hui Fen styles my hair for me, I will end up tying my hair or bunning it up because it’s simple tooooo hot in Singapore / South East Asian countries. Especially when I enjoy walking outdoors and doing adventurous activities, there’s just no way I’ll be able to withstand the heat.

Salon de Choix Priss (4)

Huifen cut my hair short and dyed it with a shade of Burgundy Red. The red shines vibrantly under sunlight but it doesn’t look too “wild” indoors, which is perfect for me :)

Some girls prefer long hair because they feel that long hair is more feminine, however, I think I look great with short hair :D After colouring, Huifen also did a quick 10 minutes treatment for my hair, which uses the “steam mask” machine.

Salon de Choix Priss (1)


Now I can take pictures again! Was out with Sab and she helped me took some nice pictures :)

Salon de Choix Priss (3)

Salon de Choix current promotion until 15th June (If you go for their promotion you won’t be able to use 15% off)

If you’re looking for Teo Hui Fen or Ben Chen (Hui Fen’s husband also previously from Zinc and Jeric), do make an appointment with Salon de Choix

Salon de Choix
Address: 3 Killiney Road #01-06 Winsland House 1, Singapore, Singapore s239519
Telephone number: 6836 2959
Opening hours: Mon – Sun: 10:30 am – 8:30 pm
Facebook page:

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This is a story I have only told a few close friends over the years, a story that haunted me for most part of my life, of how twist of turns of events led me to stop dancing, and now of  trying to let go. For some of you, this might be just whining of a little girl, bad things happen – deal with it. But I must say that it isn’t easy for me to understand and forgive the people involved.

I love dancing. I started attending ballet classes since I was 3 years old, and finally when I was 5 years old, my parents enrolled me in the prestigious Sylvia McCully School of Dancing at Thomson Plaza. I didn’t make many friends in the years I was dancing there because I was always the youngest in class, tough talking to the older girls. Fast forward a few years later…

I was 14 years old, I have completed the Grade 5 ballet syllabus and was dancing in the adult class en pointe shoes with other adults that have completed the Grade 5 syllabus (for a while I was dancing in the same class as the actress Wong Li Lin!). One day, my friend said she wanted to join Dance club at my school, so I agreed to join the Beginners class with her – it didn’t matter to me, I had 2 other CCAs and I was doing this for fun. Soon after, I realized that the ballet teacher and the CCA teacher in-charge disliked me. We were auditioning for the school’s SYF competition and the ballet teacher tried hard to keep me in the Beginner’s dance class (for people with no dance background), even though I had already danced almost 10 years of my life by then (and probably one of the few students who could dance en pointe). I didn’t see a need to boast so I didn’t argue with them (like I said, it was for fun only). Luckily, Mr Zaki Ahmad, a well known cheorographer, was in-charge of selecting dancers for the SYF competition and so I was drafted into the official Dance club. I could never understand why the teachers disliked me, back then before I was a rebellious teenager, I didn’t give the teachers much problem. I concluded it was because I didn’t have the typical ballerina’s body shape and size. I was always the plump kid, not over-weight, just plump. I was dark skinned (from playing too many sports), plump, short, and loud.

Well, what happened a year later… the teacher in-charge of the Dance club CCA heard from one of the dance students that I played truant and skipped dance class and decided to kick me out of the CCA. The truth was, I was having bad menstrual cramps / heavy flow that day and decided not to attend dance, but instead go to Orchard Road to buy a journal book for my English assignment. Orchard Road is technically the closest shopping centre / area that is to my house, btw. The teacher refused to listen to my explanation, even when my mother came to school to help me appeal on my behalf, she refused.

So how about your other dance school, you might ask. By then, I was representing school in Track & Field, and I was in netball club, plus dance practice, I just didn’t had the time to attend my usual adult dance class for many months. I tried re-joining Sylvia McCully Dance school after that, but I just couldn’t seem to “get back in the groove” and I just wasn’t as motivated any more. It sounds like an excuse, I know. I really wished I tried harder at Sylvia McCully after that incident. So I gave up ballet.

Oh, how I miss dancing…

My dancing shoes for Salsa :P

I couldn’t stop dancing after all, and for the years after, I signed up for many dance classes – hiphop, international ballroom (chacha, rhumba, jive, samba) and salsa… but none of the other dances gave me that fulfilment like Ballet did. I was a dedicated Ballerina, but once I stopped, it was just too difficult for me to go back. For years, I hated my dance teacher at school, why didn’t they give me a chance??? But I guess, with this blog post, I am now trying to let those negative feelings go.

If you have a dream, fight for it. Don’t give up just because others try to stop you. And for the teachers out there, please always give your students a chance – you never know how much positive / negative impact you might have in their lives.

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I think a lot of companies will be very unhappy with this post, because I am here to share with you some treasures I have found on for the past few years! This is not a sponsored or paid post, it is just shopaholic consumer sharing tips on what to buy online with my fellow readers!

What Amazon is NOT good for:

  • Cheap China / Thailand products
  • Pirated or imitation goods
  • Cheap items that are available in your local stores (department stores, Watsons, Guardian pharmacy etc.)

What Amazon is REALLY GOOD for:

  • Branded items (some)
  • Mid-range products and goods
  • Gadgets
  • Facial products
  • Niche hobby items that are more popular in Western countries (scuba diving, gaming consoles, hobbies, books)

So here’s a list of top 3 items I would ALWAYS purchase from

1) Fitflops
They cost me between US$30 to US$60 for most fitflop designs. Sure, they don’t have as wide amount of designs as Fitflop shops in Singapore, but they are really cheap!!! On average, I end up paying SG$60 to $80 per pair of fitflops including shipping, let me talk about shipping later… However, the prices listed are different for different colours and sizes and stock availability, so you need to click around to find the best bargain

For example…

fitflop amazon

2) Dead Sea facial products
I first heard about Dead Sea products from one of my friends, who used to spend hundreds of dollars on these products. One day as I was surfing on Amazon for the latest products, I realized that it is almost FIVE TIMES CHEAPER ON AMAZON!!! I now use Dead Sea products from Premier, but other brands such as Seacret (their body scrub are selling at S$150 per bottle and it’s only US$20 on, and we get quality products at a MUCH MUCH cheaper price :)

For example, this Dead Sea Premier Eye Serum usually costs about SG$100 but only costs less than US$20 on Amazon!!!

dead sea scrub amazon

3) Niche Sporting Products: Paintball products
One of my friends really enjoys going for recreational Paintball games in Singapore and Johor Bahru (Malaysia), and she was delighted when she found out Amazon was selling Paintball products (since demand and supply is more in Western countries!) at really cheap prices! I heard from her that a heavily padded paintball gloves could cost you SG$40 and above, whereas Paintball pants and clothing would cost you twice that amount. But look what I found (and bought) for her!

Example.. Valken brand padded gloves

paintball gloves amazon

I will share with you in the next post about shipping to Singapore and other parts of the world with international shipping freight forwarder!

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Be in a relationship.

No kidding, I lost 7 to 9kgs 2 years ago for my sponsorship with Aimin Accupunture (you can read my older posts), but since then, I have gained back almost 5kgs!!!! This is all my boyfriend’s fault, well, not really. I guess that is the effect of being in a happy and blissful relationship!

It is so difficult to lose weight, especially at the start of the relationship, since you are spending your meals with your loved one. I think Carbonara sprinkled with XOXO tastes especially good! I guess soon I will have to start some sort of exercise regime to trim down, although we have both agreed to go on a healthy diet (pizza nights are not helping at all!)


I love you

P.S. this post does not include a picture of myself LOL. I’ll do so when I feel less bloated ;P

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Scroll below to see my cute hamster Sir Hamelot! He’s the cutest little furry thing everrrrr! Please support adoption instead of buying hamsters! There are many advertisements online and on giving away free hamsters!

So I’ve been buying and mixing and matching accessories for my baby and turns out I have a lot of stuff spare! Most of the items are only 1 month old or almost brand new. If you buy 3 items you get 1 free (the cheapest item is free of course). Delivery available for purchase more than $20, otherwise we can COD in town area.

Do drop me a message [[email: deadpris (at) gmail (dot) com ]] if you are interested in any item, you can see the size of scale on the last photo. All these accessories are big enough for Syrian hamsters and can be used for smaller hamsters too (provided your enclosure or cage can fit them!)

Seesaw balancing wooden log – $5 (reserved)
Wooden log without pivot – $4
Ceramic dragon – $3
Small food tray – $1
Big standing wheel x 3 – $6
Apple hideout – $5 (reserved)
Wooden biting corn – $2 (reserved)
Big wooden hut – $10
Medium wooden house – $8 (reserved)

hamster accessories

And here is my baby hamster HE IS NOT FOR SALE!

sir hamelot

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Hope everyone had a blast during the Chinese New Year weekend! This is the most angbao I’ve ever received, thanks to my darling that brought me to “bai nian” with his family :)

Just a week before Chinese New Year, I went to Salon de Choix to get my hair done. I convinced my boyfriend to get a haircut from Huifen’s husband, Ben, at Salon de Choix as well… and he received MANY praises for his hair cut!! I’m so glad he loved it – THANKS BEN! (sorry he doesn’t want to post pictures of his hair here :( )

Quote my blog and be entitled to a special promotion of 15% discount!!

I decided to chose a reddish copper for my hair this time as I’ve been having hazel dark brown for the past year! Although Hui Fen, my trusted hair stylist for the past 7 years, warned that it would be difficult to dye to another lighter brown in future, but I decided to go ahead anyway since it’s the new year festive season!

salon de choix dye priss (1)

The dying process is usually quite straight forward, slap on the dye, wrap my head up in plastic sheet, put a futuristic helmet that steams the top of my head to quicken the dying process, then WALA!

salon de choix dye priss (2)

I absolutely love this colour especially under natural sunlight :)

photo (1)

Salon de Choix
Address: 3 Killiney Road #01-06 Winsland House 1, Singapore, Singapore s239519
Telephone number: 6836 2959
Opening hours: Mon – Sun: 10:30 am – 8:30 pm
Facebook page: