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Be in a relationship.

No kidding, I lost 7 to 9kgs 2 years ago for my sponsorship with Aimin Accupunture (you can read my older posts), but since then, I have gained back almost 5kgs!!!! This is all my boyfriend’s fault, well, not really. I guess that is the effect of being in a happy and blissful relationship!

It is so difficult to lose weight, especially at the start of the relationship, since you are spending your meals with your loved one. I think Carbonara sprinkled with XOXO tastes especially good! I guess soon I will have to start some sort of exercise regime to trim down, although we have both agreed to go on a healthy diet (pizza nights are not helping at all!)


I love you

P.S. this post does not include a picture of myself LOL. I’ll do so when I feel less bloated ;P

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Scroll below to see my cute hamster Sir Hamelot! He’s the cutest little furry thing everrrrr! Please support adoption instead of buying hamsters! There are many advertisements online and on giving away free hamsters!

So I’ve been buying and mixing and matching accessories for my baby and turns out I have a lot of stuff spare! Most of the items are only 1 month old or almost brand new. If you buy 3 items you get 1 free (the cheapest item is free of course). Delivery available for purchase more than $20, otherwise we can COD in town area.

Do drop me a message [[email: deadpris (at) gmail (dot) com ]] if you are interested in any item, you can see the size of scale on the last photo. All these accessories are big enough for Syrian hamsters and can be used for smaller hamsters too (provided your enclosure or cage can fit them!)

Seesaw balancing wooden log – $5 (reserved)
Wooden log without pivot – $4
Ceramic dragon – $3
Small food tray – $1
Big standing wheel x 3 – $6
Apple hideout – $5 (reserved)
Wooden biting corn – $2 (reserved)
Big wooden hut – $10
Medium wooden house – $8 (reserved)

hamster accessories

And here is my baby hamster HE IS NOT FOR SALE!

sir hamelot

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Hope everyone had a blast during the Chinese New Year weekend! This is the most angbao I’ve ever received, thanks to my darling that brought me to “bai nian” with his family :)

Just a week before Chinese New Year, I went to Salon de Choix to get my hair done. I convinced my boyfriend to get a haircut from Huifen’s husband, Ben, at Salon de Choix as well… and he received MANY praises for his hair cut!! I’m so glad he loved it – THANKS BEN! (sorry he doesn’t want to post pictures of his hair here :( )

Quote my blog and be entitled to a special promotion of 15% discount!!

I decided to chose a reddish copper for my hair this time as I’ve been having hazel dark brown for the past year! Although Hui Fen, my trusted hair stylist for the past 7 years, warned that it would be difficult to dye to another lighter brown in future, but I decided to go ahead anyway since it’s the new year festive season!

salon de choix dye priss (1)

The dying process is usually quite straight forward, slap on the dye, wrap my head up in plastic sheet, put a futuristic helmet that steams the top of my head to quicken the dying process, then WALA!

salon de choix dye priss (2)

I absolutely love this colour especially under natural sunlight :)

photo (1)

Salon de Choix
Address: 3 Killiney Road #01-06 Winsland House 1, Singapore, Singapore s239519
Telephone number: 6836 2959
Opening hours: Mon – Sun: 10:30 am – 8:30 pm
Facebook page:

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I was so elated when I won the Laneway Festival Meet and greet session with The Jezabels! My dearest bought tickets for me to accompany him to the festival this year and in return, we got to meet his favourite band The Jezabels and spoke to them for 10 minutes :D They are really friendly and nice people, and Hayley Mary (lead singer of the band) sang so well that day. She dances really strangely on stage, but it was really cool to watch her enjoying herself and jamming to their songs (and my dear’s favourite songs too!).

the jezabels and fans

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I was literally laughing my ass off LMAO while watching some of these Old Spice ad campaigns. It starts off as a link to a gaudy looking 80s advertisement website for some fake services, then later loads a video of this black dude that is funny as hell. I think they are really clever and a very successful advertisement social media campaign. Bravo :P

My personal favourites are the party tan and the flattering man ones :D

Click below for the full series of their campaigns

Executive Spray Tan Parties

Tough Sheets- Black Leather Sheets, Because Nothing Says Luxury Like Leather

The Flattering Man- The Push Up Muscle Shirt

Serious Pulse- The Cologne With Real Protein In It

Zaneck Workouts- Illegal Neck Work Out Machine

Soul Patch Powder- Flavor Your Soul Patch

Glitz Electronics- 100% Solid Gold Headset

Brodominiums- Luxury Condo Rentals Inside A Gym

Fresh Body Coupons- Bargain Body Tattoos Of America

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The voices in my head
Drowning me step by step
Step 1: you’re not her
Step 2: she’s not you
Step 3: you’re not him
Step 4: he’s not yours
Louder and louder
Progressively making its way
Into the core
Modify, save, closed

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Five Star Tours was reported to be shut down today, including all 7 of their branches. According to WanBao, all their branches were closed and gates shut.

five star tours close down
Taken from

That comes as quite a shock as Five Star Tours has been around for a few years and have been providing many coach and tour packages in Singapore. I wonder when companies closes down like this, what happens to the consumers that already paid for their tour packages?! Unfortunately, I have experienced similar incidents like this where I paid up for services but when the private limited companies closes down, you can’t claim a single cent back. You can try filing it with small claims tribunal – but seriously good luck with getting any money back.

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I just caught The Wolf of Wall Street at Golden Village and I must say it’s a very interesting movie to start off 2014. The movie stars Leonardo Di Caprio as a unscrupulous broker that makes his fortune in Wall Street. The movie is R21 in Singapore, and it contains many sexual and vulgar images as it features the degenerate sex life styles of these “con artists” a.k.a. unethical sales men haha! It’s quite funny, obscene, and just entertaining. However, after watching the movie, I can’t help but to whisper to my boyfriend “I hope you never become this rich!”

The movie will be showing in Singapore on 9th January 2014 so be sure to catch it!

wolf of wall street

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When I heard about the Samurai on the MRT, my first thought was it must be a cosplayer. After all, there were a whole bunch of them on Sunday for the End Of Year Cosplay Festival at the Marina Barrage, probably someone didn’t want to remove their costume.

samurai mrt

“A man decked in Japanese martial arts garb while wielding a sword boarded a train on Monday afternoon after jumping the fare gate at Paya Lebar MRT station.” taken from

Turns out, you can own a katana in Singapore, but only to keep in your own house

“You can import a Samurai sword through a forwarding agent, who should declare it through the Tradenet system. For more details, please log on to You may be required to bring the sword to a police station for inspection before an import licence can be issued. If it is hand carried, you should declare it to the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority at the point of entry. The sword may be impounded for inspection and you can claim it from the Police Station which has jurisdiction over the entry point. Please note that if you are allowed to possess the sword, it must be kept in a dwelling house and not to be carried in any public place without any lawful purpose.” taken from

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Huifen knows my hair best and she’s not afraid to tell me what I need and what I don’t, after all she has been my appointed hairstylist for the past 6 years! If you see that many of my past pictures have a similar haircut, it’s because she knows I like them ;x Occasionally, she does some adventurous stuff to my hair, but mostly – especially since I’m working full-time now, she can’t be too adventurous with it. My this trip to Salon de Choix was one of those. She cut my hair into a neat pixie haircut (shortest it has been this year!) and coloured my hair by touching up the roots only.

Huifen Salon de choix (1)

This time we decided that my colour was still nice and suited my current hairstyle. In order to protect my hair from the chemical damages of dying it every month, Huifen decided that it was better to do a “root touch-up” instead – dying only the “new” hair since my last hair dye. To give my scalp more protection before colouring, she applied L’Oreal Stillcap Scalp Protector on my scalp. 45 minutes after colouring my roots with a matching dark hazel colour, she used water to dilute the remaining hair dye and to soaked the rest of my hair in the same dye to freshen up the previously dyed hair.

Huifen Salon de choix (2)

Lastly, after blow drying my hair, she added Kérastase Elixir Ultime Oléo-Complexe to add that extra shine to my newly dyed and cut hair. Love it!!!

Not only is touching up colour cheaper than normal dying of the whole head, my highlights are not covered up and still obvious, and most importantly, my hair isn’t as damaged (as compared to if I dyed whole head every month). “When hair has been colored using hair dye, the roots tend to be the first places to show it, since that is where the new hair comes in. A root touch-up is simply an application of hair dye to the roots of the hair, to disguise the fact that hair has grown out, and to make a hair coloring last longer.” Taken from this website

Huifen Salon de choix (1)

Make sure you appointment soon for Huifen or one of the nice hairstylist at Salon de Choix soon! It’s the holidays season and usually that means 1 to 2 weeks booking in advance. Also, quote my blog and be entitled to a special promotion of 15% discount!!

Salon de Choix
Address: 3 Killiney Road #01-06 Winsland House 1, Singapore, Singapore s239519
Telephone number: 6836 2959
Opening hours: Mon – Sun: 10:30 am – 8:30 pm
Facebook page: